Thursday, June 10, 2010

I finally have a few!

So my life has been anything but boring lately. I don't think I could handle boring anyway. I was going to try and get those pics up and that never happened. I will let you in a little on what has happened since I returned to Oregon.

I made really good time and was able to have lunch with CJ last Tuesday in Portland. I had set my alarm for 0530 so I could hit the road early and make it home earlier rather than having to deal with traffic. I ended up hitting snooze for an hour though. I can't remember the last time I did that. However, as you can tell I drove fast and got to P-town in enough time to have lunch with my man and still get out of there before the start of rush hour (3-7). Anyway my parents had a little dinner for me so I could see some of my family. It was fun but went way too long and the important "budget" discussion CJ and I were supposed to have prior to looking for apartment didn't happen. I still amaze myself. I am starting to see these type-A personality traits, nothing against type-A people but I don't like it. AT ALL! When the evening didn't go according to my plan I practically had an incredible hulk moment. When did this happen to me?  Who knows but I am blaming nursing school. So the next day I spent all day looking up apartments and calling around and calling CJ, he was calling me it was a Cluster F***! We found a couple we liked and I had an appointment for the next day to look at one in Canby.

After looking at the one in Canby I was in love CJ left work early to check it out and we decided to apply for it. Unfortunately we weren't able to get it. Long story that I would rather not talk about but, oh well. I was however, devastated.  Especially since the very kind landlord made a mistake and called us saying we got it and our paperwork would be ready in an hour and then 20 min later had to make a sheepish call back to say she had been mistaken. I broke right then and there. Poor lady didn't know what kind of flood gate she opened until it was too late. I was bawling like a baby on the phone. Not my most shining moment I will admit. So we were back to square one and I was in a debbie downer mood. CJ found a nice little 4-plex on the south side of the tracks and we decided that to check it out. 2 bed 1 ba 1000 sqft. Not our ideal location and we really wanted 2 bathrooms but this is over $100 cheaper and we are waiting to hear back on it. If we don't get this one though. I am giving up and building myself a tree house on my parents property for the summer!!

In the mean time we have been literally bouncing between our parents house. One night at mine, one at his, two at mine, one at his. I feel like a ping pong ball and I must say I am missing stability. My one constant has been stress, and, well, that just doesn't do it for me. CJ has been great. We had a couple rocky moments brought on by stress and getting back to being a 1 state couple but he has really been understanding of the amount of stress we've both been under and he has this awesome attitude about it all. I could learn a couple things from him.

I worked out with Michelle J and Ashley on Tues. and I think I am going to continue working out with them. They workout on Tues and Thurs afternoons. After Tuesday though I thought I wasn't going to be able to walk and I am worried about today. I had a hard time yesterday and I am still extremely sore today! But I am going to push through. I am so flipping sick of being the heaviest out of my friends and family and I have to make a change. It is going to happen and I have two great girls letting me join their group to make it easier. Anyway I am going to post a video of DillB that will make you all giggle! Enjoy and once I get a copy of the good pics from my sis and Bill those will be posted as well.

Love you all!


thekeyes said...

that was simply adorable. I'm sure everything is going to work out on the apartment end.. don't get too bummed out. (that's what i'm suppose to say as a friend, but you know me i'll be bummed with you if you want me to be or if we need to cuss someone let me
miss you girly!