Sunday, January 13, 2008

2nd Semester starts TOMORROW!

It is 2008! Can't quite believe it. I have been living in Casper for 5 months and time has managed to fly by. That is up until now, I get to go back home for Ben's wedding and a brief visit on Thursday and time seems to be standing still. I am hoping that with the new semester starting tomorrow the last few days before we leave will start moving faster. I am sure that it will seeing as how I will again have deadlines! (HOMEWORK!)
For Christmas I received a digital camera from CJ's parents so I am hoping to start getting pics up soon.
I am working at Poplar Living Center. While it is challenging I am still enjoying it for the most part. As in any job there are bad days. It is just that my bad days consist of people passing out mid-transfer and then their BP's plummeting to nothing. Not to discredit the stress everyone else feels while working it is just that in most fields of the workforce you are not holding someone else's life in your hand. Even with these stressful situations I am dreaming of the days when I get to do it full-time as a nurse. I am happy to say I am well on my way! I get to apply for the actual nursing program this month! In the meantime I am continuing working toward my goal by taking classes toward my BSN! I have found, with the exception of the math classes I HAVE to take, most of my classes keep me interested. I love feeling smart for once in my life!
I can't wait to go home!! 4 days!!
Till next time!