Friday, June 11, 2010

Finally the clouds part!

So it is official! We have an apartment in Canby! We sign and get our keys on Sun.! Yeah I know that is a terrible day because then the weekend is over but we are going to bust ass and get as much in there and then I will end up doing the rest cause CJ has work and school starts back up next week. Perfect timing for him to get out of it!

Sarah and I studied for a bit today on Skype and while we had a few moments of my screen freezing and me not being able to hear her it actually worked really well. So, that means there is no reason not to study. Now the next step is to try a conference. I don't know how many people can be on there at once but wouldn't it be hilarious for the entire group to be on there I don't think we would ever get anything done it would be nothing but a bunch of broken sqwaks from all of us at once. At least that is what I imagine would happen with overloaded computers. But, who knows, maybe it would work and we could have a last few study sessions. I miss our group!

Well I should go. Oh and thank you guys for your support through this rough week. (I know there are only a few people reading this so the majority of you I have talked to.)
Have a wonderful weekend my loves!


thekeyes said...

i had fun studying today! good times. that would be fun to get everyone on there. lol.. it did go alot easier than i thought so we should start setting some time aside to study. it should be easier when you have your own place. talk to you soon! oh and congrats on getting your apartment! now life can start again!