Saturday, July 3, 2010

Longtime no blog!

Yes it has been quite a while since I blogged last and at least one of you has let me know it hasn't gone unnoticed! I won't mention names! gjohsojdSARAHjkdlaj! LOL!
Anyway, I have been super busy in the past few weeks. CJ and I moved into our new apartment, we are still getting used to being around each other as much as we have been. I scheduled my NCLEX which just saying so makes me want to hurl! I am taking it on July 20th. Prayers are requested and appreciated! I have been studying with Sarah and a little on my own. I don't think I will bomb it however, it is amazing what I don't remember and what I realize we were never taught! I find it more than a little frustrating that I miss more questions due to questions on things that I've never heard of rather than my own incompetence or lack of memory. If I was having a hard time remembering or getting a concept that would mean I would at least have a base of knowledge on the subject. However, with the stuff I haven't ever seen before I have to teach myself the entire thing. AHHHHH! I'm over it though. I will fight through and not let the stress get to me. (That's a lie. We all know it! CJ has mentioned on more than one occasion that I have been thinking to much and he can tell I am stressing.) I love that he notices but at the same time I hate it. I like living in denial sometimes and if I can convince myself that I am not stressed than I feel much better. But, apparently I am and people can tell.
My sister, Bill, and Dillon arrive tonight I am so happy I don't have to go super long without seeing them. I didn't realize until the other day how much I miss them. We were skyping and I could see that Dillon has grown and changed over the few short weeks we have been apart and it broke my heart. I know it will get easier but, I really hate not getting to watch daily how he grows and learns new things. We do get to go to the Zoo on Tues. so I am super excited about that.
My bridal shower is on the 10th of July and I am excited to spend a day celebrating.
I have been working out with two of my friends (Ashley and Michelle). Yesterday we did a 6.1 mi walk which brings my 7-day-week total up to 21.8 mi! But then we walked up to the theater to get tickets for Ash and Trav's date night and we figured that took us to at least 22 mi. I HURT! I have been overweight my entire life and I can feel what it has done to my body. But, I refuse to give up! I need to do something for myself and even though it feels like I fell down a flight of stairs I  feel so accomplished! So I will endure it!
Anyway I will endure.
I have to get going! I miss you all!


thekeyes said...

you know what can help you get over missing dillion and not being able to see him grow up everday...?? a kid of your own. Just saying! lol. once you have one of your own all others fade away. okay that sounds mean but i'm telling you its true when you have your own you only have eyes for them and they capture your whole attention. Hope your bridal shower is a blast. I'll be taking my nclex that day or i would totally come..okay probably not but i'm with you in heart! loved the blog!!! keep it up hooker. maybe post some pics of your bridal shower so i can feel like i was there.

twolambchops said...
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twolambchops said...

Good luck on your NCLEX! You'll pass since your extremely smart. I take mine on July 15th. (I hope I'm ready.) Keep up the good work on your exercise regime. I'm looking forward to seeing you in October!

thekeyes said...

hey lady.. why no blogs in such a long time.. YOu are pretty horrible on staying in touch with people as is.. a blog would be nice. Just miss you!